Armed with a conviction to aid the industry in its evolution, DMS was born in 2008, intent on helping steer its clients in adhering – strictly and completely – with new regulations, going above board in assimilating their practices with changing international benchmarks.

Situated on the island of Cyprus, in the self-professed maritime capital of Limassol, DMS has had the good fortune of forging robust links with numerous clients, balanced on the delivery of a tenacious trio of merits: reliability, quality, and innovation.

A pioneer of ballast water management systems (BWMS), Techcross’ focus remains firmly fixed upon protecting marine environment, and thus facilitating a brighter future.

And, indeed, with its innovative electrolysis technologies (namely, Electro-Cleen System) able to treat invasive marine species in ballast water, Techcross has grown into a global leader of BWMS, being the world’s first maker to obtain IMO Basic Approval since the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention was adopted in 2004.

wsk international

Underscored by 50 years of experience, WSK International boasts a wide range of genuine spare parts, serving as an invaluable resource centre for fuel and lubrication oil processors.

With an ever-widening scope of supply, WSK International has earned a reputation for excellence in quality and reliability, having even been honoured with the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2000 certification. From state-of-the-art spare parts and PHE parts, to marine and diesel separators, and service kits for a variety of Alfa Laval type machines, WSK dominates its sphere with sophisticated supplies and solutions.